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"Exactly the kind of person we are looking for and a whole lot more. Almost feels like one of our friends will be marrying us." 


For me, it began with the dedication of my daughter.

I didn't want a standard church baptism for her, so I worked to write my own ceremony, which my good friend, a Unitarian Universalist Minister and Theology Major, performed with me. Rituals were immediately a passion of mine from that day forward.

I'm a writer at heart, above all else. I love words, and the vast and invaluable impact they have on our lives. The words spoken between two people can change them for a lifetime, and I strive to nurture that. I have long been interested in the history of rituals, from those of ancient civilizations to the churches of today, and even the way simple traditions within families are a form of rite-making. I have a history with creative writing, religion and theater and I think the combination of these things have manifested in this wonderful career path of helping people create the extraordinary.

I am always available to my clients. You're welcome to contact me any time, with any thoughts, ideas, changes or requirements you have, all the way up to the very last minute. I'm not happy until you are.

I have learned to be ready for the inevitable, from the sudden downpour in the back yard wedding that soaked the couple and the vows, to knowing the "proper" order of a processional and recessional by heart. I've pinned a veil so it didn't blow away, helped create (and rescue) floral arrangements, laughed with nervous grooms, and even changed the entire wording of a ceremony moments beforehand so that the aforementioned nervous groom didn't have to say anything other than "I do." It's been all these moments that have added up to an amazing career, and I truly hope you'll let me be a part of your special moments, too.



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"We love love love love the written copy of ceremony and vow booklets!!!! The best thing you did was smile all throughout our ceremony. You were better than we could have ever hoped for."
· Jenny & Peter, April 16, 2011

"Alina was absolutely amazing from the moment we first made contact. She wrote the most lovely and perfect ceremony, to reflect exactly who we are as a couple. There were many happy tears during the ceremony and so many people complimented us on what a moving ceremony it truly was. Alina is a poet and made our special day perfect! The booklet that she gave us to keep was so beautiful too!!!"
· Anonymous

"We are both a little shy at first but I just wanted to say you made our day. We are psyched!!! Exactly the kind of person we are looking for and a whole lot more. Almost feels like one of our friends will be marrying us."
· Scott & Stephanie via Text, immediately after our first meeting.

"You probably don't even realize that this level of service exists yet! Alina will meet with you wherever and whenever you want and keep in touch by email and phone. You can pick from templates or make up your whole ceremony yourself. She is completely supportive of doing things in alternative ways. She's full of ideas, but she lets you take the lead. She can tactfully bring up issues you may not have thought of, and suggest ways to address them. She's a good person to ask about touchy issues like seating relatives who hate each other, talking down a mother in law, and gently breaking the news that your wedding is not as traditional as your traditional parents expect. At your rehearsal, she is an expert cat-herder. Everybody knows exactly what they need to do and when, yet somehow she does all this while remaining warm and relaxed and funny. She made our Ketubah and a keepsake program, and they are GORGEOUS. We are getting them both framed professionally. Our wedding was touching and hilarious and it went off smoothly. A lot of the credit for all of that goes to Alina."
· Sarah & Justin, August 19, 2012

"Alina is amazing. After a 30 minute interview at a coffee house, she put together a ceremony that was absolutely perfect. Our ceremony was funny, cute, touching, and was exactly what we wanted. I didn't really have her change anything. We had a handfasting as part of our ceremony and she braided the cutest cord in our wedding colors. We got a color coordinated pamphlet with our wedding ceremony in it to keep for a memento. I love this girl, and if I can think of anything else to need her for I will absolutely call her!!"
· Beth & Shane, August 26, 2012

"Ali wrote us a very nice ceremony, showed up beforehand, and was very professional. We had terrible weather the day we were wed, and like a trooper, she just went with the flow of things, even moving to cover half way through the ceremony. I would recommend her for any upcoming local brides and grooms to be. She writes very nicely and is a very pleasant person. Thanks Ali, for all you did for us. I hope you have much success in all that you do in the future."
· Tricia & Jeff, June 11, 2011

"I am so happy we decided to go with Alina as our officiant. She put together a beautiful ceremony and incorporated both my husbands and my cultures and beliefs into it (I'm Irish Catholic, and he is Puerto Rican with a Jehovah's Witness family)... She knew exactly how to go about the ceremony and the handfasting ritual. She made a beautiful book with our ceremony and vows with our wedding colors for us to keep. She was new to the business but she acted with such professionalism you would think she had been doing this for years. Choosing her is a step in the right direction for any couple!!!"
· Joann & Manny, June 25, 2011

"Ali did a super job for my wedding. She has such a way of words. She did a great job writing up my ceremony. She was able to go with the flow at the ceremony since I had some impulsive moments. She kept her professionalism and went right on with our ceremony. Ali made our day just the way we pictured it. She also did a little book of our ceremony and wrote our vows on special papers for us, that was a relief for my husband. I would highly recommend Ali any time!!! Thanks Ali for making our day so perfect!!"
· Denile & Matthew, July 30, 2011

"Alina was amazing. We had a unique wedding situation and had a really hard time finding someone to marry us. Alina was perfect! She didn't judge our situation like so many other officiants did. When we met, we chatted about what we were looking for and Alina was very easy going and easy to talk to. We worked together to get a perfect ceremony for us! Alina also did a beautiful blessing for dinner. She really went out of her way to find the religious vs. secular balance we needed for our day. I am so happy we were able to work with her."
· Kate & Justin, October 1, 2011

"Ali was terrific! We thoroughly enjoyed having Ali officiate our wedding. She performed the ceremony beautifully and was even very patient with small snafu's that occurred along the way! She was very courteous and professional, and we would recommend her to any happy couple!"
· Kelli & Eric, January 21, 2012

"We contacted Alina only 2 weeks before the wedding via email and got a reply back pretty much instantly. I knew from her website she was the person I wanted to marry us and she didn't disappoint. We picked her elopement ceremony, which you can pick different things from a pre-made form, but she was still willing to change things to make it more custom. She got the ceremony together in a short amount of time and was a true joy to have as our officiant. Our day was perfect and so was she! Thanks Alina!!!"
· Brianna & Justin, April 7, 2012

"Alina was such a fantastic officiant for our Memorial weekend wedding. Not only was she prompt and thorough with the ceremony but a friendly and caring person. We were a long distance couple who could only come up to the area once before the wedding so we were so thankful that she could work her schedule to fit ours. Not only that, but we had a "renewal of vows" type of thing the day after our ceremony (on Memorial day!) and she was fine with coming to the park to be a part of that and for that we are eternally thankful! We are so happy to have had her officiate our wedding and urge anyone to consider her for theirs. Thank you Alina!"
· Lorianne & Andrew, May 27 & 28, 2012

"Ali was amazing! She helped us to customize our ceremony exactly the way we wanted it. We had some technical difficulties with our PA system and she handled it smoothly and professionally. Ali takes the time to get to know you and to craft a ceremony that is personalized and meaningful. I would absolutely recommend her!"
· Crystal & Sean, July 7, 2012

"After searching tirelessly for an officiant, we stumbled across Ritualisms. Alina was absolutely amazing. She took the time to get to know us on a more personal level. She also took into account everything we wanted, and from that she created a beautiful fully customized ceremony for us. She also made us a keepsake ceremony booklet that we will cherish forever! She was always cheerful and extremely professional. She makes you feel comfortable because she loves what she does! I HIGHLY recommend you to at least check her out, you won't regret it."
· Kassi & Wayne, July 14, 2012

"Alina is incredibly sweet. Within minutes of meeting her we knew we had found the right person to create and conduct our ceremony. We worked with Alina to create an amazing and personalized ceremony tailored to us. She worked with us and helped us express the deep love and connection we have for one another, and the final product was the most beautiful ceremony that brought tears to the eyes of many family members and friends. Alina is incredibly sweet, kind-hearted, and talented. We thank her for helping us to create something truly special that we will never forget."
· Anonymous

"We were so happy to have Alina as our officiant. She did an amazing job and was very flexible! I know that nobody could have done a better job creating a ceremony to fit us both as well as Alina did. She answered so many of the questions we had and came up with ideas that we had never even thought of. So many people asked us how we came up with such an original ceremony and we just say we couldn't of done it without Alina. Getting to know Alina personally was great, she is so creative, smart and personable and it shows in her work. It was a GREAT overall experience and we are happy that Alina not only was the officiant for our wedding but became what we both now consider a great friend! Thank You Alina!!"
· Scott & Stephanie, August 4, 2012

"LOVE Alina! Shes amazing. I should have written this review sooner so everyone could see how awesome she is. Alina created the perfect ceremony for my husband and I. Guests at the wedding are still talking about it. Incorporating all the funny aspects of our relationship into beautiful words. And changing things a few days before the wedding without issue. Thank you so much Alina!."
· Hilary & David, August 11, 2012

"Alina was absolutely amazing. She wrote the perfect ceremony to reflect exactly who we are and what we wanted. She was so eloquent in her writting and talented. Even the way she delivered the ceremony was amazing! We would definitely recommend Alina to anyone. You will be so so happy to have her, just as we are!!! :)"
· Andy & Becky, August 19, 2012

"Alina was the perfect officiant for our wedding ceremony. My husband and I wanted a ceremony that was casual and personal for our outdoor wedding, with a personable officiant that worked with our personalities. Alina was a pleasure to work with. Alina worked with us during the months prior to the wedding to write the most personal and perfect ceremony we could have hoped for. We have had friends and family tell us that they actually learned more about us as individuals and as a couple from hearing all of the different parts of our ceremony. Countless people have told us it was one of the most romantic, beautiful, and unique wedding ceremonies they have ever seen. Alina was a huge part of making our day as wonderful as it was, and we couldn't be happier with our ceremony!!"
· Jess & Rob, June 21, 2013