"Exactly the kind of person we are looking for and a whole lot more. Almost feels like one of our friends will be marrying us." 


Hi! I'm Ali, I'm a wedding officiant, and I'm a sucker for a photo booth. I believe in two things above all else: butter, and love stories. But I also believe this: your wedding ceremony shouldn't be boring.

Since 2011, Ritualisms has based its approach to ceremony design with upbeat humor, impactful storytelling, and a fresh approach to the dusty and dry rituals of yesteryear. Grandma loved her church ceremony, but that was fifty years ago. Your wedding deserves to be different. It should be different. It should resemble you

Some elements of a wedding ceremony will always be the same: .you will exchange rings, you will say I do, you will kiss. These we will approach with wording that is fresh and modern, while still upholding the reverence we have for our traditions.

Other elements of a wedding ceremony however will be open to wild and wonderful interpretation, lending them new, relevant meaning and playful joy. Unity rituals, readings, memorials, handfastings, ethnic traditions, religious traditions, and even musical interludes are just a brief example of the many beautiful moments you can weave into a ceremony to not just give it meaning, but make it your kind of meaningful.

I'm not just a minister, and I don't just marry you. I marry you your way, from the bottom up, helping you craft a wedding ceremony that resembles you. So hit me up, and let's get wed.




Alina M. Hensley
Troy, NY Wedding Officiant

(518) 682-9030

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