Your Ritualisms paperwork consists of four separate sections that can be submitted at your leisure, so take your time, and come back to this site as often as you need to. Ready? Set? Let's get WED!

01. Primary Client Information

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Partner's Name *
Partner's Name
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Primary contact number.
Alternate Phone *
Alternate Phone
Alternate day-of phone number just in case I need to get in touch. Choose someone who will have their phone on them and will be able to answer it.
Home Address
Home Address

02. Event Information

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Event Venue Address *
Event Venue Address
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Event Date
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Event Time
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Rehearsal Location
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Rehearsal Date
Rehearsal Date
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Rehearsal Time
Event Coordinator
Event Coordinator
If applicable.
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03. The Nitty Gritty

Tell me everything I need to know about the dynamic of higher powers in your lives!
If so, would you like to invite them to read or perform a blessing from their religious tradition (as a gift of love to you) as part of your ceremony?
Do you have any family or close friends either not in attendance or who have passed away that you wish to acknowledge as part of the ceremony? Please include full names and their relationships to you.
These can be song lyrics, blessings, poems, book excerpts, even legal documents. They can be used as readings, vow wording, blessings for a unity ceremony, etc.
Are you interested in having any symbolic unity rituals?
Some of these unity ceremonies will sound familiar to you, and some won't. Choose as many as you'd like information about! If you know you want something, but aren't sure where to begin or how to pick the thing that's just right for you, select "Help Me Find Something!"
Use as much space as you need!
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04. your homework questions (to be answered & submitted separately)

When you first met your partner, what did you think? How did those first encounters go? What things were on your mind early on? What were those first few dates like? Some things you just can't make up.
You know what they say about the best laid plans of mice and men. Tell me the story, from the dream to the execution. Did you manage to pull it off without a hitch, or did someone have a mouth full of pie the whole time?
Whether it's your badass cooperative cooking skills, the support you bring one another on the mountain trail, or your bigtime obsession with Doctor Who, there's something out there that both of you love to love together. Tell me about what it is, how you each bring your own unique passion, and how it brings you closer together. More than just one thing? Tell me!
What things do you cherish and respect the most about your partner? What makes your partner a unique and amazing individual? What are you most looking forward to moving forward together?
What is the one thing (or two, or three) you love to do for your partner? How do you show your love, in what little ways? And vice versa; what things make you feel most loved and cared for when your partner does them for you?
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