Ceremony Archive

While every Ritualisms ceremony is researched, written, and performed with love and joy, some of them are simply more memorable than the rest. Check out this collection of some of my favorites, and let them inspire your own ceremony. Warning- feels ahead! 


Red Top Mountain State Park, Georgia. This heartwarming union of two LARPers includes a sharing of cakes and ale, handfasting, inside jokes for gamers and nerds alike, a ring-warming, and a portmanteau last name.


Canfield Casino, Saratoga Springs. Hilarious half-Jewish ceremony with elements of rickrolling, glass-breaking, me speaking Hebrew, vodka shots, and relatives Skyping in from out of town.

Allie & Matthew

Santarella, Tyringham, Massachusetts. Short and sweet and international, this pre-wed couple chose a Zoroastrian-Irish handfasting for their forever ceremony. It incorporates readings by Rumi and Charlotte Brontë.