Tiny Park by Ritualisms is a unique all-inclusive elopement package- a project that introduces a simple, small, and smart way to get married. Imagine a wedding day no more stressful or difficult than meeting up with your loved ones for Sunday brunch. A wedding day where we do all the dirty work, and you do all the celebrating.

Sometimes, it's just too much. The planning, the price tag. The average cost of a wedding in America has soared to over $30,000. What are you getting for that? A dress you'll never wear again. Fighting with your bridesmaids about what "jade green" means. Catering for nearly 200 guests, (half of whom you don't even know that well). A stressful whirlwind where you can't sit down, can't relax, and? It's all just a blur the next day.

Believe me, we get it. You don't want all that- it's just not for you. You want simple, straightforward, honest. You want to be in the moment, (truly with the person you're marrying, not in a thousand directions at once!) The celebration is supposed to be about your love, not your wallet, not your color scheme, and certainly not how many friends you have on Facebook.

Wouldn't it be so nice if you could just show up somewhere- a pretty little park, for example- tie the knot in a meaningful ceremony against a beautiful backdrop with just a handful of your closest in attendance, enjoy a little cake and champagne together, and then be on your way again? And all for less than the price you'd pay for flowers alone.

The Tiny Park package takes place in an elegantly designed riverside park in Halfmoon, New York. Ceremonies can take place overlooking the water, or beneath the pristine Greek revival pavilion. Ritualisms will design and provide fresh and rustic neutral decor, including a ceremony backdrop and tablescape for the cake and champagne celebration. Couples may have up to ten guests in attendance, for a total of 12 maximum people. The entire event takes approximately 3 hours.

Flat rate of $1600 includes:

  • A fully customized Ritualisms wedding ceremony, with keepsake script booklet.

  • Wedding photography by Full Metal Photography.

  • Custom floral, including bouquet(s) and/or boutonniere(s), a ceremony backdrop, and additional centerpieces.

  • Custom moleskine notebook favors for your guests, library stamped with the ceremony date and hand lettered with the guest’s names.

  • 12-slice monogrammed cake, rose lemonade, and sparkling wine to share, situated in a beautifully designed tablescape.

  • The filling out and mailing in of the marriage license.

The Only Things You’re Responsible For:
Yourselves, 2-10 witnesses/guests, the rings, and the license. (That’s it? That’s it!)

Optional pricing includes:

  • $250 - rents the pavilion from the town as a private event, ensuring members of the public do not attempt to interfere with celebrations. (As this is a public park, members of the public may still come onsite to use amenities, such as the kayak launch.)

Halfmoon Lighthouse Park is located at 597 Hudson River Road, and features clean, bright bathrooms, and excellent accessibility (with paved sidewalks and paths which lead around the park.) The pavilion itself has available electricity if needed. Not shown in photos is the large kayak dock, which provides a great location for photos or even the ceremony itself.

Available for 2020, contact for available dates.

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