Somewhere in the seamy underbelly of Ritualisms there lies a rich heritage of alternative spiritualities. Those who work with us come from many different backgrounds of earth-based religions, and we're excited to start sharing that heritage with you in a series of community based events, sermons, and classes.


womens' CHURCH at RU

Join us in the round for a warm and welcoming weekly gathering. A space for learning, healing, and sharing as we use reason and love to explore different paths and ideas about life. Enjoy a lecture that encourages spiritual, mental, and emotional growth, then hang out for a potluck brunch. Please bring something to take notes if desired, as well as something to sit on (cushion, yoga mat, blanket) as we will be on the floor or the ground as weather permits. Feel free to also bring a finger-foods brunch dish to share! Sundays at 10am, Free. Copies of weekly lecture will be available for free.


sacred circle 101

Find out how to create, hold, and keep sacred spaces for your craft and practice. We'll explore the divine ground or altarspace which you'll launch rituals from, learn about the various traditional implements which witches work with, and gain comfort and familiarity with these tools and how to choose them. Class fee includes textbook, course materials, and supplies. 4 sessions, $150


Forming a relationship with your deck

Keep it wrapped in silk? Cleanse it with salt? Give it a moon bath? Charge it with crystals? Definitely don't let anyone touch it? Few things are so drenched in superstition as the care and keeping of a tarot deck- but we promise, it's more natural than you know. Explore a personal relationship with your deck. Class fee includes course materials. 2 sessions, $50.