In late 2006, under the stars, in the middle of the Sonoran Desert, we gathered around a roaring bonfire to dedicate into the world our daughter. This interfaith baby blessing was not the first ceremony I’d ever written- I’d been penning Pagan rituals for some time before then. I kept these practices quietly over the years, sharing only with Pagan friends, offering them only to those clients who know to ask. We are proud now to bring the traditions of the craft out into the open, and welcome friends of all faiths to explore the meaning behind these rituals.

- Ali


Personal Rituals

Marriages, Baby Namings, Self-Dedication, Menarche


Group Rituals

Coven Initiations, House-warding,



Oracle decks are an excellent tool for communicating with your higher self. They have the ability to speak plainly the things you already know,