EMILY SNITZER |  emilysnitzer.com

EMILY SNITZER |  emilysnitzer.com

you are full of joy for one another

(duh, why else would you be getting married?)

From that first moment when your eyes locked across the room to now; a ring, a plan, a future. Together. Your ceremony is built nurturing, honoring, and telling that story. Your story. It's my job to bring it to life.

A ceremony shouldn't sit like the brick weighing down the bottom of the party. Even if all you want is something short and sweet to get you on your way, I'll still make sure it's done with polish and joy.

Hire me if you're looking for someone down to earth and fun, who can go with the flow, and is flexible to change. Hire me if you're looking for something extraordinary. Hire me if you're alternative, nerdy, a member of the LGBT community, or anything else that might set you apart from the average wedding.  Anything you suggest, anything you dream up, it's yours.

The only agenda I have is yours. You're welcome to contact me any time, with any thoughts, ideas, changes or requirements you have, all the way up to the very last minute. I'm not happy until you are.



I'm so excited to offer you all of the following in your WEDDING flat rate of $500:

We'll meet, either in person, or via Skype or the phone if long distance, where we'll go over your paperwork and really get to the root of what you want out of your ceremony. Then I piece together, research, and write your ceremony. Once written, I will email you a rough draft which you can tweak as much as you'd like until you're perfectly pleased.

When we get down to the wire, I'll attend your rehearsal and we'll walk through the ceremony as many times as needed until you, and everyone else in the bridal party knows what to do and when. If possible, we'll fill out your marriage license then, to get it out of the way before the big day.

Day of the wedding, I arrive in advance with a handcrafted ceremony booklet, which I will read from and then leave with you as a gift, so you'll always be able to remember the words your spoke to one another that day, and can revisit them any time you'd like. Then, I perform the ceremony, and marry you! I After the ceremony is complete, I take care of the mailing of your marriage license.

Want to see what it looks like in action?

Click through below to see a few of my favorite ceremonies, read what others have done, and get inspired for what it is that Ritualisms can do for you!


What types of ceremonies do you perform?

The short answer is: all! From short and sweet and out the door, to beautifully articulated interfaith ceremonies ebbing and flowing with meaningful moments, and everything in between, My personal beliefs allow me great flexibility when working with other's spiritualities (or lack thereof!) So whether you're an Athiest who wants to pepper their ceremony with quotes by Carl Sagan and blessings from the scientific universe and all of its elements, or you'd like me to dust off my Bible and read to you from the scriptures, I'm here for you, no matter what you believe.

Can we just elope?

You know it, let's get out of here. Maybe you don't need a lot of fuss, maybe no one needs to know right now. Maybe you just want to meet in that little special spot in the library or in the park that means to much to you. For a small flat rate of $200 I'm willing to drive anywhere in the capital region to meet you, marry you, and get you on your way- short and sweet. Want to go somewhere a little farther? No problem. Ask me about my travel surcharge!

Can you officiate?

I am legally ordained (technically a minister) and can marry you in the state of New York. Laws vary from state to state, so if you aren't local, contact me and we'll look into what can be done so that I can officiate your ceremony. I am an ordained minister through the Church of Spiritual Humanism, as well as the Universal Life Church. (I affiliate with no specific religions or spiritual paths).

Do you offer same-sex marriages?

Of course!! It is my honor to work with members of the LGBT community. I am so pleased this is legalized in our state and I look forward to honoring each couple that comes my way.

Can I write my own vows?

YES! I will gladly work with you to incorporate any personally written statements you wish to use, and would love to offer advice if you're feeling stuck about what to write!

What do you wear?

My "wedding uniform" is a black dress with gray high heels. I may choose to accent in colors complimentary to the bridal party or event. My goal is to be classy, appropriate, and unobtrusive to your ceremony and your photos! Want to do something fun or weird? Renaissance costumes, tie die, toe-shoes, I've done it all and I'm down!

How far will you go?

Take me there! All ceremony rates include up to an hour's travel from Troy, NY. 1-3 hours incur a Travel Surcharge of $100. Want me to go farther than that? Let's talk!